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Modern technology is transforming the way students learn and teachers teach in schools and colleges worldwide.
Several studies have shown that appropriate use of technology can not only help institutes significantly improve the quality of education, but also achieve scale.
Common concerns expressed by educational institutes who are considering technology deployment are:
  • Can technology help me improve overall student performance?
  • Can my students use technology to collaborate on group assignments?
  • If my students are unable to attend class, can they attend / participate from a remote location?
  • In addition to classroom based teaching, can I create a self paced learning environment for my students?
  • Can technology connect my students to subject and industry matter experts who are in other countries?
  • I want to scale up by adding new campuses. Can technology ensure consistent, high quality teaching for every student even though I have limited expert teaching staff?
  • Can technology maximize the reach of my teachers by allowing them to teach more students at a time?
  • If I deploy your technology solution, what is the ROI period? Will it reduce operational costs?
    The Elucido Learning and Collaboration System (ELCS) can effectively address all of the above.
Learning & Collaboration System (ELCS) enables teaching and learning by facilitating real-time
student, teacher and content based interaction and collaboration in geographically distributed classrooms,
over the public internet.
The learning in this highly scalable environment is conducted by a single teacher and hence ensures that
expert teaching can now be made available to significantly more students.

Our solution preserves every aspect of teaching and learning methodology by ensuring:
  • Eye to eye contact through video
  • Lip synched audio
  • Real-Time interactivity
  • Real-Time collaboration
  • Real-Time delivery of teaching content

Our Focus Segments

K12 I Higher Education I Vocational Training I Tutorials I Distance Learning

Key Differentiation

The primary component of our solution is our core product, a highly optimized and completely integrated
end-to-end interactive content delivery platform for Teaching and Learning infrastructure.

Learning & Collaboration System (ELCS) - Solution Sets


Solution Features


Content Delivery Platform
Delivers interactive digital content in realtime
or enables store-forward / synchronized playback across all connected locations
(Classrooms, PCs, Mobile Devices)
Enhances teaching efficiency by providing access to centralized and local content
Content Annotation
Allows Students & Teachers to annotate
on live teaching content (Video, Presentations,
Images, Others) across all connected classrooms in real-time
Content based interaction between teachers and students leads to enhanced subject matter understanding
Enable interactivity between students& Teachers from both inside and outside the classroom
Enhance teaching and learning effectiveness and participation convenience
Enable collaboration between individual students, student groups and teachers
Enhance problem solving capabilities
Connected Classrooms
Multiple classrooms on a single campus
(LAN based solution)
or Multiple campuses in different locations
(WAN based solution)
Business Scaling
A single teacher can handle multiple classrooms simultaneously.

Enhance student enrolment by opening additional classrooms on campus or create new campuses across geographies

Capability Scaling
One expert teacher can now teach multiple classrooms on campus or in remote location
Student Response System (SRS)
Instant assessment and subject matter comprehension evaluation among student
Identify students that need special attention for improvement
Metadata Capture
Tracking and analyzing an individual student or the class performance across their academic tenure
Improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning based on student specific data
Portable Device (EPD)
Real-time, interactive teaching content and session delivery from the classroom to students' laptops or home PCs
Enhance lecture participation convenience for students on-the-go Improved attendance of students for teaching sessions, as they can log in from home if they are physically unable to be in the classroom
Classroom Session Recording
(Lecture capture)
Creation of a constantly growing knowledge repository students and teachers can refer to previous lecture sessions. This can enable self paced learning

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